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Writing an essay does not offer the same experience for every student. While some students breeze through them, many others spend countless hours at the library, trying to figure it out. Those who are lucky and have money can easily outsource that function to professional writers who write essays all day every day - have experience.

As former students who paid our dues with regards to writing stick out papers, TechnicalWritingBlog.com is dedicated to helping students figure essay writing out. Our blog is full of positive paper writing tips you may need to become a better student, as well as paper writer.

What TechnicalWritingBlog.com is about

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs that are dedicated to helping students write better essays and term papers. Many of them are doing a good job - we all owe them that much. How is TechnicalWritingBlog.com different from all these companies? First, we share our story with students covering the aspects that were really tough for us in school. As recent graduates, we are giving realistic tips and advice in a Facebook and Instagram riddled world of the modern student.

This alone gives TechnicalWritingBlog.com an edge and better angle helping students become better in their academics. Needless to say that, TechnicalWritingBlog.com offers fresh perspectives to college than all the old websites on the web - that is our mission.

What are the benefits?

The benefits you get by using this website is the community element you cannot find elsewhere. We have been helping students with different issues in a modern context, so trust us; there is nothing we will not cover if it affects you.

What TechnicalWritingBlog.com is not?


There are a number of misconceptions about TechnicalWritingBlog.com one being we are here for money. Of course we don't hate money, but this website is for the student to get all the information they need for free.