I'm Steven and I'm here to share my story with readers covering all the aspects that were really tough for me at the beggining of my writing career. My purpose is to give realistic tips and pieces of advice. This alone gives TechnicalWritingBlog.com an edge and better angle helping novice writers become better.

Writing process does not offer the same experience for every person. While some breeze through it, many others spend countless hours, trying to figure it out. TechnicalWritingBlog.com is dedicated to helping such people figure writing out. This blog is full of useful writing tips which you may need to become a better writer.

What TechnicalWritingBlog.com is about

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs that are dedicated to helping people improve their writing skills. Many of them are doing a good job - we all owe them that much. How is TechnicalWritingBlog.com different from all those blogs?

Feel free to ask me any question! I hope my blog will be helpful for you :)