5 Must Have to do’s In Order to Survive the First Year of Freelancing

5 freelance to do's

Ever since I have quit my 9-to-5 job I have always wondered how it would be like if I stayed where I was. Quitting my job in order to become a freelance writer was one of the smartest decisions of my life.

While I do wish that I knew about some of the obstacles and pitfalls that were coming my way, it was still a worthwhile experience getting to grips with freelancing. So what are some of the key things that everyone should do if they want to survive their first freelance year and make it a permanent career choice?

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The Most Common Translation Blunders

Translation is a technical undertaking that necessitates hand-on skills. A translator should possess an excellent command over the phraseology, syntax, and etymology of words for an efficient, accurate translation.

Nevertheless, if you’re at the starting point of your career in translating, you might have encountered a handful of difficulties.

Truth be told, novice translators cope with a lot of challenges. Still, it takes time and experience to become better in this field. That being said, today we will enumerate the most commonly met blunders made by beginner translators. This way, you can learn something from this list!

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3 Useful Study Tips That Will Earn You an A+

writing tips

College is never easy. We have deadline after deadline, exam after exam – and only 24 hours a day. If only we could clone ourselves and make our clone study while we slack off and enjoy our college life. Sadly, we live in the real world where students need to study effectively if they hope of actually holding that diploma in their hands. So, in order to, make the process easy for all of you, here are some useful tips for studying that will make you remember things much easier.

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On the Other Hand

A young woman with Takayasu’s arteritis presented to the hospital with severe abdominal pain. The patient had been diagnosed with Takayasu’s a decade earlier. The disease results in arterial stenosis, which can cause ischemia in a variety of organs. One of the diagnostic clues is differential blood pressure (BP) in both arms (if there is more arteritis in one of the arm arteries than the other), and in fact the patient had been noted in the past to have very different BPs in her right and left arm. 

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The Effectiveness of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act

Majority of schools in the United States have a history of serving children meals that are full of sugar, sodium, and salt. With millions of children eating these foods, there has been a rise in obesity cases in the country, and it has forced the government to come up with new healthy food programs that are implemented by all public schools through the Department of Agriculture. 

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