3 Useful Study Tips That Will Earn You an A+

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College is never easy. We have deadline after deadline, exam after exam – and only 24 hours a day. If only we could clone ourselves and make our clone study while we slack off and enjoy our college life. Sadly, we live in the real world where students need to study effectively if they hope of actually holding that diploma in their hands. So, in order to, make the process easy for all of you, here are some useful tips for studying that will make you remember things much easier.

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On the Other Hand

A young woman with Takayasu’s arteritis presented to the hospital with severe abdominal pain. The patient had been diagnosed with Takayasu’s a decade earlier. The disease results in arterial stenosis, which can cause ischemia in a variety of organs. One of the diagnostic clues is differential blood pressure (BP) in both arms (if there is more arteritis in one of the arm arteries than the other), and in fact the patient had been noted in the past to have very different BPs in her right and left arm. 

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The Effectiveness of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act

Majority of schools in the United States have a history of serving children meals that are full of sugar, sodium, and salt. With millions of children eating these foods, there has been a rise in obesity cases in the country, and it has forced the government to come up with new healthy food programs that are implemented by all public schools through the Department of Agriculture. 

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Reading response of "PLOTINUS's An Essay on the Beautiful"

Plotinus had the point of view that absolute good is the ultimate source of “true beauty” that is derived from various forms of beauty that inspire people. Plotinus argues that a person cannot perceive the true essence of beauty if his or her soul does not have the ability to use intellect in appreciation of beauty (Beardsley 81). Consequently, the true meaning of beauty can be recognized by cleaning the soul and intellect of various forms of beauty.

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Subject: Managerial Decision Making

An analysis of the managerial decision-making process becomes crucial for any company. Since its operation, Dayton Zoo shows gradual growth over the years. Today, the target market extends from children only, and allows adults and the general public to have a glimpse of the services and products on offer. Most importantly, the business company seeks to develop an effective structure for the management’s decision making process to enable it achieve increased incomes at minimal costs.

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