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Synthesis Essay on the Past, Present, and Future of Gun Control


Synthesis Essay on the Past, Present, and Future of Gun Control

Position Analysis

Gun control alludes to laws or arrangements that control the production, deal, exchange, ownership, alteration, or utilization of guns. The laws are varied in different countries around the globe (Celinska 233). Historically, the debate on gun control has faced many amendments in law, based on the disagreements among key government stakeholders. The two groups of gun control and rights to gun ownership are always in controversy on the stringent gun control issue. The gun control matter is very significant in the society since particular groups of humanity are gravely affected by civilian firearm ownership. About 16,272 homicides were submitted in the United States amid 2008. Of these, around 67 percent were submitted with firearms. 1993 across the country overview of 4,977 family units found that over the past five years, no less than 0.5% of families had individuals who had utilized a firearm for resistance amid a circumstance in which they thought somebody probably would have been executed in the event that they had not utilized a weapon for security. Applied to the U.S. populace, this adds up to 162,000 such occurrences for every year. This figure rejects all "military administration, police work, or fill in as a security guard. Based on study information from the U.S. Division of Justice, about 5,340,000 brutal violations were submitted in the United States amid 2008. These incorporate straightforward thefts, rapes, assaults, and murders. Of these, guilty parties unmistakably equipped with a gun submitted around 8 percent. Not only do Proponents for the pros to gun control exist but also the proponents for the cons of gun control, however, either party has weaknesses in their arguments. The future debate on gun ownership holds a controversial perspective on the matter.


The issue of gun control is so significant that it cannot be ignored. With late occasions bringing on disaster and pity, fierce acts and slaughters brought on by weapons have raised the issue of firearm control. The world health organization postulates that the cost and hence disease burden of the gunfire survivors are on the increase especially in developed countries (Kleck and Patterson 251). Children and women remain more vulnerable to gun shootings. Furthermore, people in crowded cities, busy shopping malls and students in schools and colleges are highly susceptible to gun shootings (Branas et al. 9).

The gun control matter attracts a couple of pros from the ardent proponents of the issue. The executioners in first world countries get seventy-five percent of the weapons utilized in criminal offenses legitimately. Promoters of gun control trust harder firearm laws could have possibly kept these wrongdoings. Gun control proposers, advocate for historical verifications to forestall hoodlums, household abusers, and truly rationally sick individuals from purchasing firearms, to reduce mass shootings. Nevertheless, arguments on pros of gun control have several faults. Proponents do not consider the critical role firearms play in facilitating security and crime reduction in the society.

Entities opposed to the gun control issue point out several cons of the matter, by highlighting the importance of civil firearms. The group focuses out that the privilege to remain battle ready for self-preservation is vital at all times (Vernick et al. 15). Critically, it is almost obvious that those who embrace the cons of gun control do not appreciate the hazards orchestrated by the latter tool, hence a major scuttle in their contention.

The future of gun control is both controversial and debatable. The proponents for both the pros and cons of firearm control do not agree, hence lack of a clear platform to critically approaching the problem. The matter is greatly politicized than rationally subjected to scrutiny and reason. Countries are diverse in terms of socio-political and cultural views about gun control, and hence varied future decisions on the matter.


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Background Information

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