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3 Useful Study Tips That Will Earn You an A+

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College is never easy. We have deadline after deadline, exam after exam – and only 24 hours a day. If only we could clone ourselves and make our clone study while we slack off and enjoy our college life. Sadly, we live in the real world where students need to study effectively if they hope of actually holding that diploma in their hands. So, in order to, make the process easy for all of you, here are some useful tips for studying that will make you remember things much easier.

1. Find Your Perfect Study Time

If you know yourself to be more productive in the evening, don’t go studying in the morning just because you want to get things over with. You’ll only end up awkwardly staring at those pages for an hour or two, thinking “oh, how nice it would be to sleep now” and cursing your entire existence because you need coffee and don’t feel like studying.

On the other hand, if you study when you are at your peak (regardless if it’s midnight), you won’t feel like you are dragging it. Do it at the time your body thinks it’s right – not when you think it’s right. You learn how to study in college by learning how to adapt.

2. Listen to Some Classical Music

Many studies showed that classical or instrumental music could help people study more efficiently – and there’s a reason for that. Have you noticed how easy it is for you to remember song lyrics as opposed to remembering stuff for school? That’s because our brain associates those lyrics with the melody. So if you play an instrumental that you love as you are studying, the chances are that you are going to remember the information much better later on by simply recalling the song. This doesn’t apply, however, to songs with lyrics, and here’s why: when someone starts singing lyrics as you are trying to study, you’ll basically have two options: focus on your text or concentrate on the lyrics. Sadly, our brain can’t focus on both – and if it can, it will eventually mix between them. Therefore, you might find yourself learning about the World War II and the next minute you’ll be imagining music videos on pandas entering Valhalla.

3. Try to Teach Others

You’ll know you’ve successfully learned something when you try to explain it to someone else – and realize they actually understood what you were trying to say. It’s one thing to repeat the information in our head and another to say it out loud. In our heads, we will learn the information; outside of it, we’ll actually understand it. That’s why many college study tips recommend you study out loud.

If you don’t have willing college mates, you may still try teaching other subjects – regardless if they can process words or not. Teach it to yourself in the mirror. Teach it to your two-year-old sibling that loves spending time with their older brother or sister.

For all it’s worth, you can even try teaching a chair, and talk to it as if it were a person. As long as you can make a clear-cut lesson plan that you can take from point A to point B without any problems, then you will have successfully understood the lesson as well.

These useful study tips may not seem much right now, but they will help you get things done much faster. Therefore, instead of studying for six hours straight and barely remember half the info, you’ll study for four hours and remember everything.