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5 Must-Have Wordpress Plugins for Content Management

must-have wordpress plugins

The Wordpress Content Management System is the go-to place for people looking to start a blog, and it is the dominant choice for many site owners today.

The Wordpress Framework powers 24% of the web, and its adoption among internet users and content managers is only going to get better over time.

Wordpress has gained a vast following and usage, thanks to the 47,000+ plugins on the official repository, which extend the functionality of the Wordpress framework.

There are free plugins on the repository, which you can further upgrade to premium for advanced features and functionality.

While there are many plugins with different features, there is a set of tools that you must have as a content manager.

1. Jetpack

Jetpack is a free Wordpress plugin that extends the functionality of your site by handling security, traffic, analytics and promotion. It has hundreds of themes to select from depending on your content management preferences.

The Jetpack plugin allows you to automate and schedule social media postings and offers SEO tools which can help you increase the reach of your content. It also boosts the security of your site by providing secure log-ins, spam filtering and protection against malware and brute force attacks.

This is a must-have plugin for any content manager using the Wordpress Framework.

2. Yoast SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a very crucial aspect of content management, and any content manager out there cannot understate its significance.

SEO helps your site to have high rankings in search results, which has the effect of increasing traffic to your site. Yoast SEO has internal linking features which optimise the structure of your site, making it visible to search engines. It takes care of the SEO roles for you so that you focus on writing great content. The premium version comes with advanced features that can help you further as far as SEO is concerned.

3. OptinMonster

While the Yoast SEO helps you with increasing traffic to your site, the OptinMonster plugin allows you to convert these visitors into subscribers.

The web is rich and diverse, and you are highly likely to retain visitors if you include an email subscription tool that allows continuous interaction between your site and its users.

OptinMonster helps you to get more email subscribers by allowing you to use templates like sidebar forms, floating bars and pop up forms to your site. This opt-in feature by OptinMonster helps you boost the conversion rates of your site. Additional features like page level targeting, custom analytics and exit intent technology improve the general functionality of your site.

4. MonsterInsights

The MonsterInsights plugin focuses on the user experience. You can upgrade to the Pro version which has advanced features which allow custom post tracking, popular post tracking and author tracking.

MonsterInsights tracks the performance of the posts on your site and gives Real-Time statistics and a Google Analytics Dashboard, with which you can follow and gain insights about your website from a macro view.

You can also view the popularity of your authors and check their performance. If you want to up your content management techniques, this is a must-have plugin.

5. VaultPress

Website Security and Back up is an integral part of proper site management. In this age, you as a content manager must take the necessary precautions, since the sophistication malicious actors have displayed is at unprecedented levels.

The VaultPress plugin creates automated real-time backups for your site and offers protection against website attacks and malicious code. It also protects against spam and is best used with the Jetpack plugin, since they are bundled together when it comes to the subscription aspect.

A reliable backup tool will help you restore you and your users' data in case of system failure.

To wrap this up, these are the must-have Wordpress plugins for managing content. These plugins provide basic yet powerful features for security, analytics, promotion and Search Engine Optimization. You can gain the maximum benefit from these plugins by upgrading to the premium versions.

Adopting the right plugins and measures could lead you to have good rankings and obtain good reviews from several review websites like Top Writing Reviews. This could translate to admirable traffic.

Employing writing services to complement your content is also a good technique when it comes to content management since it helps inject fresh ideas and unique skills into your content management strategy.

Moreover, the support teams of these plugins are reliable and are fast in solving issues affecting users. Efficient use of these plugins will lead to better content management and productive time on Wordpress.