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For many years, I had always assumed that the information found on the Internet is sincere and genuine. However, this was proved wrong through a strange experience I had with It all started after I had seen some information on our school’s notice board that we were expected to submit our research paper in the next seven days. I had no idea how I could successfully submit that paper within the specified period. I had loads of assignments.

I remembered seeing a website by the name EduBirdie, and I knew that was the way to go. The company claimed to help students do their college papers professionally within the shortest time possible. Immediately, I got my laptop and bumped unto their website –

Poor Communication

I contacted the customer care by sending them an email as that was the only means they had stated as reliable and fast. I got their reply after 10 hours. It was heartbreaking. They explained that they had loads of assignments that day and they had to deliver them before they could accept more work. Well, as a human, I had to understand that. Wait. Did I tell you that they did not bother apologizing for the delay? I thought you should be aware of this.

Anyway, all I needed was my paper done. I explained the details and requirements of my piece of writing, and they promised to submit it within the next 12 hours.

Ghost Prices

However, I had to pay upfront. Well, I didn’t mind. After all, their website stated that there was a discount after purchasing their services. My mystery began there! The entire work accumulated a new price that had nothing to do with what was on their website. The amount indicated on was a nothing but a scam.

Also, they offer nothing similar to a promo code, coupon codes, and discounts. This time, it is the writer who was supposed to dictate the price for my work. I tried to ask them to lower the rate, but my words fell on deaf ears. I decided to pay for the services since I desperately needed the work done fast.

A Delay in Submitting the Assignment

That night, I slept like a baby knowing that all was going to be well. The fact that my paper was to be written by a team of professionals gave me a calm night. The next day, I kept logging in to my email account to find out if there was a new email from the company. Twelve hours later, no email.

Well, I thought to myself: “They have loads of work and are trying to hit deadlines.” The next day, no email! I couldn’t understand. Once again, I bumped into their website to see if I could get a cell phone number that could help me reach them real fast.

Bad Reviews from Former Customers

Well, while searching for the contact, I landed on the customer reviews and testimonials on Edubirdie. My friend, the reviews were 99% negative. Clients were complaining about lack of communication, poor-quality work, ghost promo and coupon codes and the like. Hmmm... I knew what I should expect.

I quickly logged in to my email to contact them. That is when I found a message from them. They had already sent my paper. My goodness! It was horrible. The points discussed in the paper were different from what I had stated; the grammar, punctuation and sentence construction were deplorable.

Poor Services

I tried to reach them through email, but I was unable to get their feedback. There is no better way of rating such a useless company like EduBirdie other than “poor!” I did not know what to do next.

They had wasted my time right from the beginning with no apologies and gave me unrealistic promises. If you value your time, money and work, don’t use this service. Otherwise, will cause your blood pressure to rise.

Edubirdie review